Current Project

Based on the True Story of Lily Brown and Fred Overall


“The last thing she had any intention of doing was to fall in love with one of those half-broke American airman…”

Lily Brown knows exactly what she wants: A happy marriage, and a life free from fear or want. Furthermore, she knows exactly how she is going to get them.

But when her dreams are turned topsy-turvey by a charming American soldier, can she find the strength to let go of her plans and choose a new life with him, or will she let her fears, and the past that haunts her, destroy her chance for happiness with the man who adores her?”

My biggest current project is a book that blends a fascinating, real-life account with just a little bit of historical fiction. In other words: a biographical novel. It’s the entertaining, WWll era story of a spunky little British girl and the determined American soldier who fell in love with her.

Between rival sweethearts, AWOL visits, and stowaway plans (not to mention a large war complicating it all), their real-life story is full of adventures that didn’t stop with “I do.” It’s a tale of determination, ingenuity, faith, passion, and the kind of love that lasts a lifetime.

Stay tuned for sneak peaks and updates on the project!