Tell it to the Boss
How "writing for an audience of one" got me into a swamp...and how I got out again.

“The whole duty of a writer is to please and satisfy himself, and the true writer always plays to an audience of one.” So says E.B. White. And that advice, in various forms, is widely doled out among writers. “Write for yourself.” they tell you. Don’t worry about what the editor will think. Don’t worry …….Read More

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Time’s Up!
NaNoWriMo is officially over. did I do?

Hello everyone! Miss me? I’ve realized it’s been over a month since I’ve posted anything on this blog. But at least I do have a good excuse. For those of you who missed my last post, I’ll just sum-up by saying that November was National Novel Writing Month. And like many other authors, I made …….Read More


Project Update: Ready. Set. WRITE!
Getting ready for the NaNoWriMo marathon.

I LOVE deadlines. Yeah I know. A lot of you think that’s kind of bizarre. (And to show you just how crazy I really am, let me go ahead and admit now that I also like Brussels sprouts, sauerkraut, and timed exams.) But I feel about deadlines the way a lot of people feel about….well…roller coasters. …….Read More


Veterens, Victory Rolls, and Living History
My WW2 research took me back to Linden this year. (Research is such a good excuse!)

They were looking for a spy. The SS officer, clad in ominous black from head to toe, paced back and forth in front of us, tapping his spotless boots with a riding crop. We stood bunched in a nervous group near the street, having been rounded up from our various activities by the soldiers and herded …….Read More